Short term staffing

Any case, anywhere. You can rely on our personnel to cover your cases smoothly for a simple flat fee. We use your reading doctors and leave your invoice so your normal billing practices remain the same.

Personalized Consultations

We have decades of experience with the largest companies in the industry. We understand your growing pains and can provide personalized consultations to keep you growing smoothly.

Education anywhere

Let us create a personalized education program for your hospital's needs. Unlimited online access to interactive education modules, quizzes, and videos plus customized in-person training


Leave your worries to us

We know you have a special relationship with your surgeons. Let our highly trained personnel keep your surgeons happy and help you grow your IONM business. We handle the problems so you can focus on growing to your full potential.

Need help with education, short term case coverage, or a personalized plan to help you grow? You can rely on our decades of experience in the field of neuromonitoring to create a plan tailored to your needs.

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