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In the field of Intraoperative Neurophysiology, anesthesia can make or break your day. We have ALL been there in a case where signals are tough to get and BOOM anesthesia gives a bolus and away go your motors. Now you’re stuck being the bad guy and telling the surgeon that you no longer have signals. What did anesthesia give? How do you improve communication so that this doesn’t happen again? How do you actually (dare I say) make FRIENDS with the anesthesia team? What in the world are they even DOING half the time (besides playing Words with Friends on their phone, of course!)

Welcome to our Definitive Guide to Anesthesia. Not only do we teach you all these things and more, we will give you the inside scoop on all things anesthesia. How do I know all this stuff? I attended a masters program in 2011 to become a Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant, a mid-level anesthesia provider that is synonymous with a CRNA in the anesthesia care team environment. This is where I learned to intubate, place A-lines and central lines, and studied every drug that anesthesia gives on a daily basis (which is too many to count). I’m here to pass this knowledge on to you and further YOUR career in the operating room.