How do we sign up?

Contact us! Once a contract is signed, we will work with you on hospital credentialing, billing, and scheduling.

How much are your services?

Our prices include 1 Mil/6 Mil insurance coverage for all our employees, equipment, and supplies. Contact us directly for a quote.

Can we bill insurance for the cases you cover?

Yes, we will work with you to make sure your billing processes stay the same. This includes logging on with your reading doctors and leaving an invoice at the hospital.

Do we get to keep the data you collect?

Of course! After each case, we send you the data in the HIPAA compliant manner of your choice.

Who are your clinicians? How can we trust your staff?

We only employ the best of the best. All of our clinicians are required to have a higher form of clinical education and training (previously audiologists, nurses, or chiropractors) OR they have over 10 years of experience in the field of IONM with a CNIM. All of our staff are employed by IntraOp and sign a strict non-solicitation and confidentiality agreement. We will NEVER send you a contractor or anyone without extensive spine, crani, AND vascular experience. That's our promise!